Oceanique Sans Frontieres
Kinship Camaraderie Family

These Rules Are To Be Adhered To Whilst You Are In Our Discord, On Our Web-pages, Or On The Facebook Group/Groups, And In On Our Game Servers.

• Be respectful. Give the respect you want to receive. 
• Respect OsF Clan Members, And Public Members. 
• No harassment, hate speech, racism, sexism, gender discrimination and other kinds of discriminatory speech. 
• Keep All NSFW Content Out Of Discord Please 
• No Illicit/Hard Drugs Talk, No Posting Of Any Illegal Content 
• No spam. Do not spam anyone with mentions. 
• Any behavior that is contrary to these rules will result in a kick or a ban 
Rules To Adhere To Whilst You Are On Any Of Our Game Servers. 
•Follow Clan Directions At All Times / All Clan Members Have Full Admin Access So Treat Them As You Would Any Admin 
•We Admin By Voice So A Mic Is Required 
•Apologize After Any Teamkills / Deliberate Team Killng Will Be Met By Administrative Force 
•We Have Gentleman Rules In Effect Swearing Around Underage Members And Around Ladies Is To Be Minimised And Will Be Met With Kicks And Consecutive Bans If It Continues. 
• Lastly Any Sort Of Glitching Or Exploting Of The Servers Is A Bannanable Offence This Involves Hacking 
Any Sort Of Cheating 
•Lastly Have Fun!