Oceanique Sans Frontieres
Kinship Camaraderie Family
Clan Allies And Affiliations
The Clans And Communities And Projects We Cherish And Choose To Support Are Listed Below
We Always Dominate Australia Clan
Proudly Friends With We Always Dominate Supplying Gamers With Laughs And Fun Times  
On Day Of Defeat Source Since I Can Remember
Black Mamba Squad
Proudly Friends With The Black Mamba Squad  
Running Arma 3 Milsim Servers And Providing The OsF Arma 3 Server With All Of Its Scenarios And Missions
Down Under Doomers Community
Proudly Affliliated With The Down Under Doomers Community 
 Supplying Australian Retro Gamers With Doom And Gibs
Server Clusters And Free Zandronum Server Hosting