Oceanique Sans Frontieres
Kinship Camaraderie Family
OsF is a small gaming clan, founded by members of a much larger clan whom we are still allies with to this day, Based in oceania meaning where mainly from australia and new zealand but with members accepted worldwide. OsF has a unique stance on servers where we are a rotary clan meaning we play different games together all the time which means we have no permanent servers instead the community comes together and we organize temporary servers on our dedicated box. we run the clan as a closeknit brotherhood/sisterhood of gamers and with a team of constant hardworking admins we provide one of the best gaming experiences around we also welcome pubbers or otherwise known as regular and public players to come in and join in with us as we run the servers to make new comrades and new friends. -I'm A Young Player How Can I Fit In?- As a gaming community we accept younger members within our ranks. We have two good founders who wants to make gaming fun not only for the adult members but also for the young adolescents also they understands the issues of being a younger player in a gaming world. He is able to provide the younger players with awesome game nights while keeping it friendly and allowing all the members to come together we are like an online family here at OSF and we treat everyone even youngsters with the utmost respect and we try to engage there needs as young gamers. Seniors are meant to keep their maturity while around youngsters but yet we still provide them with the experiences they want. How Do I Apply? To Apply Simply Make Yourself Known On Our Discord And Regularly Play With Us On The Servers. Secondly you can sign up on the website.
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Kinship Camaraderie Family This Is Our Motto
A Big Warm Welcome To Our Two Newest Members Angus And Reinhard!